In the Viewer : click on any image and then :
- use navigation bar and gallery at bottom of page
- zoom in and out with mouse wheel (or +/- buttons in the navigationbar)
- return to mosaïc by hitting Escape key or by clicking on grey background
- go to map by clicking on

To copy or save an image :
- click image to select it,
- right-click image to obtain View/Copy/Save menu.
The image will be full-size copied or saved.

On the map :
- drag the map to change its position,
- use mouse wheel or +/- buttons to zoom in and out, - if case of pictures overlap, click on picture frame to stack it on top of others, - click on picture to go back to viewer and show it full size.
- enjoy ...

Note about browser support :
Please use latest Google Chrome, Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer 9+
Having screen touch working on smartphone or tablet needs a recent browser as listed above.
If you touch an image on the grid, you should see the image with navigation bar and gallery at the bottom like this :

This viewer needs HTML 5 and Javascript to be fully functionnal. It is known not to work ( no action on touch ) on iOS and Android native browser.
Test your browser : fr en de

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